Goldilocks would have confused Baby Bear and his parents.

In that story she decided that everything Baby Bear had is “just right”.   It’s a good thing those silly bears didn’t live at Azul Fives Resort.

When it comes to beds, food, and a storybook setting you’ll discover that everything is “just right” and more!

The whole family can splash around in the Caribbean Sea.  You can snorkel with your siblings, try windsurfing, or go sailing.  The water is the color of turquoise and the sand is white to gold.

I get a kick out of seeing parents and kids laughing at the game stations.  It’s pretty obvious that the kids club, mini cinema and video platforms are for kids of all ages.

What keeps the kids busy enough that to allow Mom and Dad to have some time as a couple?   Kids can enjoy a day of beach volleyball, water polo, table games, and fun in the sun.

Parents can hit the lively bar scene, dance the night away, or just marinade in the luxury of a romantic walk along the beach.   Azul Fives provides the option of one, two, and three bedroom suites.  All come with fully stocked kitchens and living rooms.

From check in to check out the whole family will love the attention from staff.  The focus on guest relations and top drawer service is provided by a friendly full time concierge.  24 hour room service and in-room amenities are over the top.

Here’s a heads up about the one bedroom suites.  This is not a cramped closet space.  It’s over 1,100 square feet of space with a deluxe double Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen, a walk-in rain forest shower.   The one bedroom units are a comfortable fit for four people.

The two bedroom suites have two full bathrooms with powder rooms on the side.   Kids can unwind in the living room with LED tv or around the 8-person dining room table.  Adults can share a toast on their balcony or terrace.  Easy breezy suite for 6 guests.

A party of 8 will party great in the 3-bedroom Suite.  Nearly 2,000 square feet where even the third bedroom boasts two queen size beds, flat screen tv and DVD players.

Just make sure you get out of the room to enjoy the pools, Gourmet Inclusive dining, lounges, and Swim Up bars.   There is fun for the entire family at Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma.

This is a storybook vacation.  Every story has a Happy Ending.

A place where everything is “just right” and you are barely able to leave.