Someone Shouted, “You’re Not Really Drunk If You Can Hang On To The Dance Floor”.

No Ice Cream and No Cones at the Mojito Lounge but Guess What?  They have 31 flavors of Mojitos!

The Mojito Lounge is only one of the Azul Sensatori “after dark” pleasures.   It’s all set to the tune of nightly “live” music.   The bands play before and after a special evening entertainment show.

Can the party be “off the hook” if you’re dressed up in clothes that didn’t come “off the rack”?   You bet.

Everyone knows the “dressed up” couples decorate the dance floor at Le Chique Lounge.   Upscale decor and glamorous people holding on to their naughty little cocktails pump it up to techno music.

Le Chique is definitely the most exclusive night spot at Sensatori Azul by Karisma but it is not your only choice.

When you’re still getting to know someone it’s time for a trip to the Rooftop Garden Lounge.  Picture a starry sky, views that stretch out two weeks over the ocean and perched in comfy chairs on a rooftop.

I usually hit Cantina Zocalo in the daytime because that’s when they play classic rock.  It’s just at the edge of the pool and beach so you’ll want ask for your cocktails frozen or buried in ice.  The rock goes south when the sun sinks.

Head’s up!  The Cantina Zocalo gets packed after dark.   That’s when they switch to live Mariachi music.  Check it out.  People just get a ridiculous “happy feet” kind of vibe when exposed to Mariachi.

Outside the Zavaz Lounge you can still enjoy the Caribbean music tracks while you strike a pose on the sunken bar stools in their Swim-Up Bar.  Kick back with your favorite international label liquor or grab a couple ice cold coladas.

Here’s a tasty tip.  My party asked staff if there was any way to get a couple of yummy tapas from the Tapaz Restaurant to the water bar.  We were just kidding around but about 30 minutes later 3 huge platters arrived.

Skip to the end … I didn’t have to get up early to secure a poolside lounger at Azul Sensatori.   I woke up in one.   The first thing I ordered?  31 flavors of aspirin and some ice cream of course.