You can’t blame the people on your block for not knowing the secret of Azul Sensatori by Karisma.

Taking the kiddies and the teens with you to the romantic Mexican Riviera will have your neighbors thinking you may as well celebrate your marriage at the North Pole instead a sun-drenched beach.

The kiddies could probably care less that Azul Sensatori earned the 2013 AAA Four Diamond Award.   But, you can bet Mom and Dad will notice.  It means the resort industry believes this resort provides world class amenities and enhanced experiences in all areas and activities at this Gourmet Inclusive vacation hotspot.

Karisma Hotels Azul Sensatori has perfected the “romantic getaway vacation with kid’s” concept.    There are magical escapes for couples to renew and rejuvenate their love.   At the same time the kids and teens are fully engaged in their own vacation fun.

Later the entire family will enjoy the excited chatter detailing the delights of the day over a gourmet inclusive feast.   What’s the secret to keeping kids engaged rather than occupied?  Kids from 6 months to age 12 can start with the Azulitos Play House.

The imaginative folks from Fisher-Price designed a room where swinging, bouncing, singing, dancing and making new friends is encouraged.   The age 5 and under gang can play with cutting edge Fisher-Price toys that are designed to enhance early childhood development.

I grew up playing with empty cardboard boxes so I’m pretty impressed with all of this plus the My Gym Center.  The kids are eager to play with the ropes, trampoline, parallel bars and other stuff in their very own fitness center.   Mom’s are impressed by the big, protective, floor pads.

Tweens tend to populate the activity rooms where they can choose arts and crafts, doll room projects, hang out in the interactive game room, or check out the mini-theatre. The kids even have their own beach playground and kid’s pool.

Before you take a swing at the nearest piñata, here are two plot twists for parents.  The Azulitos Play House is closed during lunch time and if your kid is four or less they must be accompanied by a parent or paid babysitter.

As for the teens you have in tow, you may not see much of them except at meals.  The action at the pools and seaside can easily keep them distracted for hours.

They will make lots of new friends over PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii which will give them someone to meet up with at the beach parties and teen clubs.  There’s even a Dj mixing clinic where they can create and take home their own vacation mix.

With so much to do at this world class Azul Sensatori, by Karisma resort it’s no wonder parents have plenty of time on their hands.  Or that they spend it holding each others.

As for the neighbors, let ’em think your healthy glow is all from the sun.