Yep, I drive a hybrid.

Part electric and part traditional.

It takes me everywhere I want to go in style and comfort even though it’s not perfect.   It’s a great combination.

The Azul Beach Hotel is another terrific combination.  This all inclusive resort caters to couples with kids.  

There is a serious commitment to creating an atmosphere where women can be Moms and feel like a Newlywed.   It works like no other destination resort on Earth.

There is a Fisher-Price partnership with the resort, restaurants with dozens of high chairs, and a staff that lives to amuse and entertain the toddlers.

Check in takes place on a comfy sofa with chilled champagne for the parents and fruit smoothies for the kids.   Damp towels are provided to freshen up and staff presents useful items for the vacation stay.

It was aromatherapy and scented pillows for us.  For the baby it was a bottle warmer, baby monitor, toys, milk for the fridge, a playpen and a stroller.

We were booked into a spacious Wedding Swim Up Suite.  All the Suites are contemporary Caribbean style and just a few easy steps from the Bahia Petempich white sand beach.

The Suites have lots of perks like hair dryer, safe deposit box, coffee maker, DVD player, and more.  All the rooms are non-smoking except for balconies.   The room balconies and verandas feature lush garden or blue water ocean views.

The Swim Up Suite is very cool for parents that want to relax on the deck or lazy river while keeping an eye on a napping kid.   The morning buffet is another terrific combination.

For the toddlers it was bananas, cereal, pancakes and eggs.  For the adults an outstanding a la carte menu guaranteed a full tummy.

For lunch we spread out on a beach bed to enjoy the ocean, breezes and beauty of the sea.   A picnic lunch was delivered to the bed and we could enjoy our meal in a romantic setting while our little one napped.

The evening meal does not require a reservation at any of the tempting restaurants.  It is a la carte and this is where the staff simply shines.   The friendly people made sure all the little ones were entertained and happy.

They appeared on cue with toys and other distractions.  Parents really had a chance to savor the wonderful Gourmet Inclusive specialties.  Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma has dining for couples with kids perfected.

Looking for some noisy, tequila thumping, nightlife?   You won’t find it here.  A starry canopy settles over a very quiet resort at night.   Kids are sleeping and couples are cuddling.

Yep, I vacation at a hybrid.

Part “parents being couples” and part traditional family resort. 

Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma takes me everywhere I want to go in style and comfort as a hubby and a Dad.   It’s a great combination.

Unlike my car; it is perfect.